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Philmont New Mexico high adventure backpacking trek

by Chris Berardi

This year our troop sent seven scouts and two adults, along with three guests, to Philmont. The trek included eleven days on the trail. The first two days our ranger, Jason, accompanied our crew. Jason taught us about low impact camping and basic backpacking skills that ranged from orienting a map to raising a bear-bag. On the third morning, Jason left, leaving us on our own. Each day consisted of hiking four to thirteen miles, setting up camp, doing an activity and cooking our meals.

Each morning we woke between 4:30 and 5:30 depending on the hike and the activity for the day. The activities ranged from a tour of Indian writings to rock climbing. Breakfast consisted of hot cocoa, dry cereal, beef jerky, or oatmeal. Lunch was made up of crackers, along with either squeeze cheese, peanut butter, jelly, or spreadable tuna, chicken, or turkey salad. Boiling water and adding dehydrated food such as chicken, beef, beans, corn, etc made dinner. We went to bed between 9:00 and 12:00 depending on how quickly we cooked and cleaned up after dinner.

Probably the best part of the week was the hike up Baldy Mountain, elevation 12.441 feet. It took about 2 hours to climb. Along the way we encountered snow and wind. The wind was awful, sending dirt in your eyes and forcing us to stay low to the ground. The hike was well worth it; the view was astounding. The pain and suffering from the last few days of hiking were gone.

Philmont was a great adventure that everyone should experience. It teaches you respect for the wilderness, the animals, and each other. Nobody should pass up the opportunity to go to this "scouting paradise".


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