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Philmont 2002

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Crew A: Doug M, Patrick H, Brian L, Jared W, Drew C, Greg M, David L & Roger D

Crew B: Elliott H, Michael B, Amichai I, Robert S, Steven F, Schuyler K & Adam G


Crew A: Fran Gillis, Paul Russell & Bob Mitchell

Crew B: Bill Greim, Mike Furick & Izzy Israeli




Wed 7/3/2002 5:32 PM
Izzy Israeli reports that the 2nd group arrived safely at Albuquerque. Their first breath of New Mexico air told them they were at altitude! It will take a day or two to acclimatize JL

Tue 7/2/2002 10:20 PM
"...have also received a phone call from Brian who said the rafting was 'really great'. Their meals were cooked by the guides - barbecue one night, grilled halibut the next! The 9 mile hike out of the Canyon was very hard but they all managed it - some slower than others. Scouts were looking forward to a rest (travel) day tomorrow." JL

"We are back all safe and sound. Just needed to push Mr. Gillis along at the end due too not enough salt and electrolytes due to a 9.5 mile uphill slug through 104 degree heat but all are safe in cleaning up in the hotel.
Scouts where stellar and all helped each other out. Great time rafting and all seem to have a very good time and will have stories to tell - at least we hope they will vocalize to all the parents their experiences. Off to ABQ tomorrow and overnight in Air Force Base - will need the time to recuperate for all and then Filament on the 4th."

Sunday, June 30, 2002 12:33 AM
Subject: we are here
We are all here in Flagstaff and safely (no deer and no elk got in the way this time.
All in the pool right now (9:30 here - midnight there) and we are all on track for early departure.
Saturday, June 29, 2002, 4:30am - Philmont Crew assembled at Mt. Pisgah Church for role call and transportation to Hartsfield Airport. Missing: a Class A shirt (guess who) and a pair of Class A socks -- a comparative good start.  
Trail log entries to be supplied by Philmont Crew. More to come...

Scout Articles:
Philmont High Adventure Trip
By: Schuyler Kauschinger  

Crew 704-B2 Steven Furick, Adam Greim, Elliott Holsworth, Michael Benjamin, Amichai Israeli, Robert Sticky and I had lots of fun hiking on our Philmont trip in New Mexico . We all did Fly Fishing, 3D-Archery, Black Powder Rifling, a Mine Tour, Blacksmithing, Stomp - which is Music and singing, and Rock Climbing in two weeks. This was one of the best times of my life I have ever had. I recommend anyone who gets the chance should go on this Philmont trip. Going over 50 miles of hiking we encountered many animals such as deer, cows, rabbits, mini bears, elk, gardener snake, and of course other humans. I would like to thank the support of all the adults that came Mr. Greim, Mr. Furick, and Mr. Israeli and a special thanks to Mr. Gillis for driving the long distance there and back with all our gear.

P.S. I will always remember all the other scouts, places and things the crew did together while at Philmont all of my life.   

Philmont High Adventure Trip
By Roger Dalton  

Philmont was a great experience. It was very demanding both physically and mentally. You did not just have to be in good physical condition, but you also had to have the mental drive to make yourself do it. Our crew worked very well together and the trip went smoothly. I got to do a lot of things that I would not have done anywhere else, such as burro racing and black powder shooting. I also think that it was really cool that I ran into my friends from Pittsburgh at Philmont in base camp and got to spend my last day with them. We went and saw Villa Philmonte, the Phillips summer home, that afternoon. I had a lot of fun and I hope to go back someday.  

The Trip Out West
By Patrick Hughes  

To me the trip to Philmont and then to the Grand Canyon was not as much of a physical test as it was to me a mental test. I saw it as a time where I could easily examine myself and see what I was truly made of. To see the Grand Canyon from the river was just awesome and breathtaking. The guides were extremely informative and the camping along the river was marvelous. When we left the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail I had no idea what so ever how difficult the road ahead was going to be. I really under estimated the trail and got dehydrated. After this I made sure that from that point forward that I always drink sufficient amounts of water. The days between the Grand Canyon and Philmont were a lot of fun. It was a time to hang out with your friends and relax, not totally knowing what the next day would hand to us. When we started our trek I was extremely anxious and the first day of hiking was very short. The rain dampened my enthusiasm, but never the less on day two I was excited for the hike to Uracca Mesa. The trek had its high and lows in my opinion, but the highs definitely outweighed the low's. The only real low was the rain almost every day but the views we would see and the time spent getting away from it all was totally worth it. My only regret is maybe we hiked a little too fast and were too concerned with doing miles and getting to camp instead of enjoying the trail we were on. Overall I think that Philmont was an experience I will never forget and it will be one I will tell my children.

Philmont Trip
By Elliott Holsworth  

At Philmont in the summer of 2002, I, Elliott Holsworth, had a great time!  
First we went on a three day rafting adventure down the Grand Canyon . It was great. I didn't wear a shirt for three days, was the only one to fall out of the raft, and ate an avocado sandwich. It was great.  

Well then we drove in a bus to Philmont. Base Camp was great, it had ice cream. Then we (crew b) left with our crew ranger Jared. He left us three days later with great wisdom, like man-juice is a smellable...I had a great time. We got back to Base Camp with no one hurt (because Skyler's sprained ankle was a fake!). We all ate Ice cream. So to sum the whole trip in one short yet powerful sentence, "Brooke Burke is FINE!" Philmont and the Grand Canyon

Philmont Trip  
By Brian Lomax

This summer I went on a high adventure trip out to Philmont and the Grand Canyon . It was incredible. We started off with a three day raft down the Grand Canyon . The raft was giant and held twenty people. It was powered by a motor and we had excelent food that we didnít have to cook or clean ourselves. After three days in the Grand Canyon we set out for Philmont.  

Philmont was an incredible experience. Each day we hiked for 5 to 9 miles and then made camp and did an activity. The activities included a range of things like shotgun, rifles, tomahawk throwing, horseshoes, fishing, archery, Native American talks, and my favorite: burro racing. In burro racing we got a burro as a group and we raced the other group's burros. Our burro was called Dirty Larry. We won in the end. For our prize we got chocolate pudding. It was great. Overall it was an amazing trip everyone had lots of fun.  

My Journey At PHILMONT
By Michael Benjamin

Before PHILMONT, we went to Arizona and rafted on the Colorado River for 3 days. My favorite part was getting to get out of the raft and float down the Little Colorado River. That was a highlight of my trip. The views in the Grand Canyon were fascinating. The views are something I can't put into words. You would have to go to the Grand Canyon to see for yourself. On the last day of the river trip we had a grueling hike out of the Grand Canyon, which was 9 miles long and a mile in elevation, it was brutal on everyone. 

After that part of the trip we went to go see the giant meteor crater in Arizona. It was really neat. Then came the true part of our trip- the PHILMONT hike. After 1Ĺ days at base camp we started out on our hike. The first day for our activity we got to chase chickens and feed goats and donkeys. The second day we didn't do anything because we weren't at a staff camp. On the third morning our ranger left us and we finished our day at fish camp. While we were there we got to fish. On the fourth day we stayed at an Indian themed staff camp and learned how the Indians of the SW lived. Our 5th day was our break day and we got to do 3-D Archery. On the sixth day we did a grueling hike to Camp Clearwater. On the morning of the seventh day we got to do black powder shooting and tomahawk throwing. At night we stayed on Mt. Philips at over 11000 feet in elevation and saw a great sunset. On the morning of the eighth day we saw a beautiful sunrise and at around 1 o'clock got to Cipher's Mine. We got to do blacksmithing and have a goldmine tour. That was also the only night we got to sleep in adirondacks and see a show called "Stomp." The show was really, really cool. On the ninth day we did our trail conservation and stayed at Cimarroncito, and TOOK A SHOWER. On the tenth day we got to rock climb and we arrived at the camp that was our last camp before base camp. On the last day of our hike we hiked into base camp and we all pigged out at the concession stand. We then traveled home by plane leaving PHILMONT and a great adventure behind.


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