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Philmont name

Philmont 2004

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Crew A: David M, Pete K, Greg Y, Tim R, Dan T, David W & Kevin S

Crew B: Doug M, Adam N, Tyler C, David M, Joe D, Will C & Trey H


Crew A: Cesar Marinez, Pete Knoetgen & David Tinsley

Crew B: Chad Colopy & Bob Mitchell




Philmont was an incredible trip for me. Nowhere else can you get the kind of experience you get there. It was so great, that I cannot describe it in words. I will, however, try: Dirt, mud, sweat, rain, water, backpacks, trails, more trails, views, Philmont belts, Philmont carabineers, Philmont nalgenes, Philmont nalgene holders, wind, water, weather, animals, dehydrated food, bears, field hens, mini-bears, peaks, streams, aspens, pines, Gatorade, beef sticks, bear bags, rope, tarps, staff, banjos, guitars, bad jokes, good jokes, run-ons, songs, Philmont hymn, Philmont grace, staff that call you bob, black powder rifles, J-hooks, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, bush-wacking, blisters, staff fires, fire ban, tents, ultra tents, lassoing, and rocks. --David Martinez

Philmont 2004 was a lot of fun. While we were there we saw lots of cool things. Some of the high-lights of the trip were the great views, milking a goat, taking side hikes, roping fake steer, horse riding, climbing Trail Peak, playing cards at over 10,000 feet, visiting Cypher's Mine, meeting a Buro, black-powder shooting, rock climbing, building the Ulti-tent, and climbing the Tooth of Time. The road trip was also lots of fun. On the way to Philmont we stopped to eat at a What-A-Burger and went to Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. On the way back we stopped in St. Louis to tour the Budweiser brewery and see a movie, Philmont is awesome and I recommend it for anyone interested. --Pete Knoetgen- Crew B

During my time in Philmont, I realized why people like to hike and camp. When hiking, you have time to be with yourself and relax. You think about things you never would have before. The camping just shows you how blessed you are to have all the appliances in your house and in the city. Donít get me wrong, it is still fun. But you do miss certain things (toilets, beds, etc.). I highly recommend Philmont even if you never had hiked before. I never went on a backpacking trip before I signed up for Philmont. There is nothing like it anywhere else. Go for it! --Kevin Smith


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