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Scoutmaster's Minute

by Jason Sutton

Our semi-annual SPL and PL elections are coming up November 5th. All those scouts who meet the requirements for PL (1st Class and an NYLT graduate) or SPL (1st Class and an NYLT staffer) need to turn in their name to the SM to be slated on the ballot. For our troop to be a successful youth-led troop it requires those who qualify to step up, volunteer to run, and help lead the troop. Itís not just about getting the block checked for advancement, itís about being a true leader in our team, Troop 629. The SPL, PL, and any scout wanting a PLC position in the November Ė May timeframe should plan on attending ILST on Thursday November 8th from 5:30-9pm (see flyer on table and on website).

NYLT staff interviews are coming up in December. All those NYLT graduates should be considering their participation to enhance their leadership skills even more by staffing NYLT in 2019. Go on-line and apply for an interview.

Our Webelos visit is coming up November 26th. We will host 25+ scouts from numerous Cub Scout Packs. This is the time to show off some of your Boy Scout skills and talk to the younger scouts about what itís like to be a member of Troop 629. Please attend the meeting if you can and welcome our visitors.
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