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Scoutmaster's Minute

by Scoutmaster Fran Gillis

As we have discussed at unit meetings it is a special time for all our Scouts to be very conscious of the communication they are getting with all the new technology they have access to. First and foremost is not to believe anything as the truth until verified. Items need to be verified from credible sources and not just relied on or counted on as the truth. Your contacts may not know for a fact what the truth is and what you should be listening to. Caution is very much to be practiced. Then it is a matter of perspective, especially in light of the instant and repetitive nature of those items being broadcasted by short-sighted bravados. Hearing the same news over and over again just elevates an issue to unwarranted status. Well, any activity that entails hurtfulness to others is a sorry state, making it more than what has been in the great scheme of millions who are potentially or could be impacted. Many areas of so-called hurt and pain have actually decreased over the past years such as a decline in school deaths from the recorded 90ís. Letís all keep a true perspective in what is and what was. Yes, we can always do better and get safer without cowering in fear from the true facts. Caution in your surroundings is a clear focus but again verify facts before living a life around rumors and spiteful innuendos.
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