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Troop 629 Financial Assistance Policy

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Troop 629 policy has always been and is still the same – no scout should miss participating in any activity due to a temporary shortfall in their family’s ability to afford the activity. We have been blessed to have sufficient funds to offer every scout the ability to quickly earn their way through a service project of their choosing. Coordinate with the SM or Committee Chair to start this process but do not hold back asking if the need exists. In addition, the high adventure bases and camps have scholarship applications for various events.

Troop 629 will setup a High Adventure (HA) account for each scout once he starts to earn money through fundraising whether it be popcorn, carwash, garage sale, etc. The HA funds can then be used for high adventure trips such as: Philmont, SeaBase, Northern Tier, Betchel, Summer Camp (week long), and the New Hampshire Ski Trip

Financial Assistance – Troop 629

Scholarship (Service Hours)
The troop will offer assistance to those who are in need. There is an exchange for service hours by the scout and funds to the scouts HA Account which is calculated at $10/service hour. There is a cap of $500/year where as the scouting year is from 9/1 – 8/31.The service hours must be for a non-profit organization and approved by Scoutmaster.

Leadership Programs
There are two leadership programs where a portion of the cost will be reimbursed to the scout once he completes the program. The two programs are noted below:
  1. National Youth Leadership Training Program (NYLT) will be reimbursed for $150/scout. The NYLT program is available to scouts who are 13 years or older.
  2. National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) will be reimbursed for $250/scout. The Scoutmaster will recommend youth for this program which takes place out of state.

For both programs above, the scout family must submit council receipt showing payment for the troop to reimburse the scout’s high adventure account.

Financial Assistance – Council/High Adventure Camperships

Campership - Atlanta Area Council: Assistance for Summer Camp
A limited number of camperships are available each year for youth members registered in the Atlanta Area Council. Camperships may be requested for those youth that desire to attend camp but cannot afford to go. Camperships are available for up to ˝ the camp fee. Campership Application Forms, may be duplicated. No Campership Application will be accepted after May 1st. For more information go to and search for ‘campership’.

High Adventure - Assistance for High Adventure Trips
A campership fund has been established for the Northern Tier National High Adventure program, thanks to contributions from the estate of Sonia Maguire. To be considered eligible for a campership, Northern Tier must receive an applicant’s full application (application form, recommendation letter, essay, and parental letter) before the deadline of November 15 for winter programs and January 31 for summer programs. The amount of the campership granted will vary based on trip length, program registered for, financial need as expressed in supporting documents and funding available. The 2013 form is located here:‎

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Financial Assistance

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