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Ask any boy why he's in Boy Scouts and "camping" will likely be near the top of his list of reasons.

Troop 629 is committed to the camping experience and the patrol method.  The Troop offers monthly camping events and a full high adventure program for the older boys.

Summer Camp 2021:

This summer, we'll be camping at Woodruff Scout Camp the week of June 20th.

For more information and registration materials, click here.

Which events count as tent camping nights for the camping Merit badge? 

Event Yes/No Comment
Troop tent-used campouts Yes each night
OA Ordeal Yes each night
Lock-In No not "under the stars"
USS Alabama Yes 1 night
Ski Trips No not "under the stars"
Day Trips (Helen Tubing, Six Flags, etc.) No not "under the stars"
Summer Camp--Year 1 Yes 5-6 nights, depending on length of stay
Summer Camp--Subsequent years No N/A
NYLT, as participant Yes depending on length of stay
NYLT Staff Yes depending on length of stay
High Adventure (Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base) Maybe Only if no other long term used. Might be better to use than summer camp if more nights under stars, tent or hammock; but can only use as the one long term.
Other outings while a Boy Scout Maybe OA functions or other scouting events using tents or hammocks
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