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Gillis Commemoration 12.20.2010

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The December 20, 2010 Troop meeting featured a wonderful commemoration for Mr. Gillis' contributions to our Troop and community.  34 past Eagle Scouts visited and Fran was presented with a special book containing pictures and letters from the hundreds of lives he has touched.  Please take the time to read through the book, it's inspirational!

Mr. Gillis penned this thank you note in his January 2011 Scoutmaster's Minute:

Wow what an end of the year meeting with some of the past and present scouts and families of Troop 629. Yes, I was totally surprised with the event and the notes and album full of fond memories. A really special time with extra memories documented for years to come. Many thanks to you all! At picture time, the stage was full of something marvelous. Day in and day out, the newspapers and TVs blare the doom and gloom of society. On that stage, I saw the future and its going to be just great. So many goals and visions being realized with a positive power that shows we have not lost our way with so many great young men yet to hit the world stage and forge our future with values, compassion, sympathy, leadership and enthusiasm.

You could just feel the energy and great things to come. My small part, over those years we shared, was to add my two cents in keeping them focused on their future and their personal potential to unleash in whatever endeavor they took on as each and every one was special in their own way. Letting me share their life along those formative years was rewarding in itself but to see the future beginning to grow is truly amazing. So many there and yet so many more out there still on their individual paths. It is just memorable to see and hear about all the personal accomplishments. If I could have captured that feeling that night in jar, I would never have anyone not be able to understand the power of the program in the lives of those who get involved and push to succeed. Of course, they had many other influences along the way from parents, family, school, church and other organizations but I do believe the scouting program was the thread for so many of those years that brought all those talents out and molded the young men into greater spheres than otherwise may have been.

--Fran Gillis, Scoutmaster

  Pictures from the event and a copy of the book presented to Fran have been posted to a snapfish Group Room, click on the image below to access.  
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