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Blood Mountain Cove




A great day hike leading to two waterfalls.

Event Hiking
Location Blood Mountain
Date(s) & Time
Sign up deadline
Duration Day trip
Difficulty (1 - 6) 4. Moderate to Difficult
Distance 10 miles
Adult Leaders    
  Cost   Bring money for fast food stop on way home.
Who may attend Scouts 13 and older, First Class & above & registered Scouters in the Troop. Must have successfully completed a prior hike > 6 miles.
This trail is lots of fun and very enjoyable. From the National Wilderness Area just east of Turner's Corner follow Dick's Creek Road until you come to usually closed gate. There is a small bridge leading to a residence and a popular waterfall and swimming hole on the left. Park here and follow the road for about half of a mile. If the gate is open, you can drive further up the road and park at the trail head.

The trail is highly visible and begins in the right side well before the road crosses the creek. From here the trail gradually ascends on loose, rocky terrain that is similar to an old creek bed along the valley gap between Crow Mt. and Miller Top. At approx. 1.5 miles a waterfall rushes on your left.

Several paths lead to different areas of the falls where you can get some good pictures. STAY OUT OF THE WATER AND OFF OF THE ROCKS, this area is extremely slick and dangerous. 

Leaving the falls, the trail turns to the left from a campsite and across the creek. From here the trail seems to have been an old farming or access road and easily traveled. As you proceed, you will cross five separate fields. As you cross each field stay to the left and walk the edge keeping the field to your right. At the other end of the last field the trail will split, keep to your right following the less maintained area. The other way will bring you to another parking area and forest service road.

Follow the Trail shown on the upper right of this picture and proceed along Blood Mountain Creek.

After the field the trail follows the creek (which is on your right) through heavy, lush forest. You will notice that the sides of the landscape are getting taller and taller and you are getting deeper and deeper. A very well constructed campsite is off the trail and to the right near the end at approx. 5 miles. If you reach the large falls the campsite is just behind you next to the creek.

At the campsite the creek has been dammed to create a large pool of crystal clear and very cold water. Follow the creek north to see the falls and many caves in the area. Again, stay off of the falls!

Trail Head

Pack List:
  • Day pack
  • Appropriate clothing for weather conditions
  • Socks/liners
  • Good hiking boots/shoes that fit and are broken in
  • 2, 2 Liter Nalgenes of water/electrolyte drink
  • Rain gear
  • Hiking pole(s), optional
  • Cash for food on drive home
Permission Slip
Pack List
Difficulty Ratings:

1. Easy

  Generally 4 miles or less, leisurely pace, and/or gentle elevation gain (less than 400 feet)
2. Easy to Moderate
  Generally 6 miles or less and/or moderate pace, gentle to moderate elevation gain (less than 1000 feet).
3. Moderate
  Generally 8 miles or less and/or increased elevation gain (less than 1500 feet) and/or faster pace.
4. Moderate to Difficult
  Generally 10 miles or less and/or more challenging elevation gain (1500 to 2500 feet) and/or faster pace.
5. Difficult
  Generally 15 mi or less and/or challenging elevation gain (2500 to 4000 feet) and/or seasonal conditions or special considerations.
6. Strenuous
  Generally distance of 15 mi+ and/or challenging elevation gain (4000 feet or more) and/or seasonal conditions or special considerations.
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