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Central Georgia
Pine Mountain Trail

Loop Hikes (*** Hiking Merit Badge Hikes)

Betty Gap Loop
A 12 mile loop in the Cohutta Wilderness area.
Big Scaly Mountain Loop ***
A scenic 10 mile loop that originates near Tate City, NC.
Blood Mountain Loop
A moderate 6 mile day hike beginning at Byron Reece Trailhead, just north of Neels Gap, up the AT to Blood Mountain Summit and returning via the Freeman Trail at Bird Gap, Overnight opportunities at Woods Hole Shelter or Slaughter Gap. (Also in Vogel SP Trails map).
Coosa Backcountry Trail Loop ***
A difficult 12.9 mile hike that originates and ends in Vogel State Park (Vogel SP Trails).
Kennesaw Mountain-Cheatham Hill Loop ***
A moderately difficult 10 mile hike through historic Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.
Panther Creek Falls Loop
A 16.9 mile hike in the Cohutta Wilderness. I recommend following this hike in the opposite (clockwise) direction to save the stream crossings for Day 2.
Springer Mountain Double Loop ***
A moderate 10 mile hike that originates at the Springer Mountain Trailhead and takes advantage of the intertwining AT and Benton MacKaye Trail as you hike to Three Forks and Back. Be sure to walk the 0.9 miles to the Top of Springer Mountain, which is the beginning (mile 0.0) of the AT. This hike can be reduced to about 8 miles by eliminating the Benton MacKaye Loop that circles the Forest Service Road.
Standing Indian 11 Mile Loop via Kimsey Creek Trail ***
A difficult 11 mile hike that rewards your efforts with fantastic views from the summit of Standing Indian Mountain.
Standing Indian 10 Mile Loop via Beech Creek Trail ***
From Tate City, hike the Beech Creek Trail and then bushwhack to the Summit of Standing Indian Mountain. Loop Back via Deep Gap.
Standing Indian 24 Mile Loop
This is a good 3-4 day Philmont prep hike that takes you to the summits of Standing Indian and Albert Mountains along the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina.
Appalachian Trail in Georgia
Appalachian Trail, Approach
The Approach Trail from the Top of Falls parking lot in Amacalola Falls State Park
Appalachian Trail, Section 1A
The AT from Springer Mtn to Hightower Gap
Appalachian Trail, Section 1B
The AT Hightower Gap to Woody Gap
Appalachian Trail, Section 2
The AT from Woody Gap to Neels Gap
Appalachian Trail, Section 3
The AT from Neels Gap to Hogpen Gap
Appalachian Trail, Section 4
The AT from Hogpen Gap to Unicoi Gap
Appalachian Trail, Section 5
The AT from Unicoi Gap to Dicks Creek Gap
Bartram Trail
Bartram Trail, Overview
An overview of the Bartram National Heritage Trail in Georgia
Bartram Trail, Section 1
The Bartram Trail from Hale Ridge Road to Wilson Gap
Bartram Trail, Section 2
The Bartram Trail from Wilson Gap to Warwoman Dell.
Benton MacKaye Trail
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 1: Map | Description | Profile
Springer Mountain to Three Forks
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 2: Map | Description | Profile
Three Forks to the Toccoa River. Younger Scouts hike from Route 60 to Toccoa.
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 3: Map | Description | Profile
Toccoa River to Skeenah Gap
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 4: Map | Description | Profile
Skeenah Gap to Shallow Ford Bridge
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 5: Map | Description | Profile
Shallow Ford Bridge to Scroggin Knob
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 6: Map | Description | Profile
Scroggin Knob to Boardtown Road
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 7: Map | Description | Profile
Boardtown Road to Fowler Mountain
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 8: Map | Description | Profile
Fowler Mountain to Dyer Gap
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 9: Map | Description | Profile
Dyer Gap to Watson Gap
Benton MacKaye Trail, Section 10: Map | Description | Profile
Watson Gap to Double Springs Gap
Foothills Trail
Foothills Trail, Section 1
Oconee State Park to Jumping Branch Trailhead
Foothills Trail, Section 2
Jumping Branch to Burrells Ford Rd
Foothills Trail, Section 3
Burrells Ford to Fish Hatchery Rd
Foothills Trail, Section 4
Fish Hatchery Road to Stone Bridge
Foothills Trail, Section 5
Stone Bridge to Whitewater Falls
Foothills Trail, Section 6
Whitewater Falls to Horsepasture River
Foothills Trail, Section 7
Horsepasture River to Toxaway River
Foothills Trail, Section 8
Toxaway River to Laurel Fork Falls
Foothills Trail, Section 9
Laurel Fork Falls to Laurel Valley
Foothills Trail, Section 10
Laurel Valley to Sasafras Mountain
Foothills Trail, Section 11
Sasafras Mountain to Table Rock State Park (Eastern terminous)
Atlanta Area
Jones Bridge Trail
National Park Service map of trail in Chattahoochee Recreation Area. This is an excellent, nearby place to "get your legs" with this 6.5 mile loop.
Kennesaw Mountain Loops
Trails in the park.
North Central Georgia
Chestnut Lead Trail
Easiest of the Conasauga lead in trails.
Conasauga River Trail
Moderate 13 mile trail that parallels the Conasauga River.
East Cowpen Trail
The main vein of the Cohutta Wilderness Area .
Hickory Creek Trail
A long trail in the Cohuttas that crosses the Conasauga River.
Horseshoe Bend Trail
A nice trail that passes Horseshoe Bend Overlook on its way to the Jacks River Trail .
Old Growth Forest Trail
A short, but awe-inspiring trek into the Cooper Creek area .
Panther Creek Trail (Cohutta Wilderness Area)
Not to be confused with the Panther Creek Trail near Tallulah Falls.
Tearbritches Trail
Steep Conasauga lead in trail that crosses Bald Mountain .
Northeast Georgia
Blood Mountain Cove
Nice trail with two waterfalls.
Camp Creek Trail
Short trail with campsite near the Chattooga.
Coleman River Trail
Highly scenic trail that follows Coleman river upstream.
Dukes Creek Falls
Partially wheelchair accessible trail to Dukes Creek Falls.
East Fork Trail
Starts in the Walhalla Fish Hatchery parking lot.
Holcomb Creek Trail
Trail to two waterfalls.
Horse Trough Falls
A short, easy trail to the falls.
James E. Edmunds Backcountry Trail
Nice backcountry trail with designated campsites.
Len Foote Hike Inn Trail
Access Trail to the the popular Len Foot Hike Inn in Amicalola State Park.
Logan Turnpike Trail
Nice, quiet trail that makes you work for the end.
Panther Creek Falls Trail
Popular trail leading to some nice falls.
Raven Cliffs Trail
Overused trail to some popular cliffs near Helen.
Tennessee Rock Trail
Nice backcountry trail that goes over Tennessee Rock Overlook.
Three Forks Trail
Popular trail that crosses the west fork of the Chattooga.
Warwoman Dell Nature Trail
Short loop trail with a small waterfall.
Northwest Georgia
George W. Disney Memorial Trail
The George W. Disney Memorial Trail near Dalton.
Georgia Pinhoti - Section 11
The Georgia Pinhoti Trail from Dug Gap to Snake Creek Gap.
Pigeon Mountain
Smaller version of the 7.5' series map. Includes the Pocket Area, Rocktown, High Point, and Harrisburg Gulf.
Pigeon Mountain (7.5' series)
Includes the Pocket Area, Rocktown, High Point, and Harrisburg Gulf.
South Georgia
Cumberland Island
Beautiful Island off the Georgia Coast.

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