MARCH, 2004

Summer Camp

IMPORTANT NEWS: Packets are out for the June 20 - 26th Summer Camp experience at Woodruff Scout Camp. Yes, that’s June 20 - 26th. Sorry for the earlier confusion, but sign-up is ongoing and the sooner the scout signs up for his desired classes, the better chance of securing his choices. If those dates do not work for your summer schedule, there are alternatives…other weeks where it is possible to link a scout as a provisional attendee, attend for an additional week, or even attend an out-of-Council experience on your own. Bert Adams, the Council’s other summer camp location, is also available. Please see the Scoutmaster if you are interested in any of these camping opportunities. In case you haven’t seen last year’s Summer Camp Troop photo, it’s still available on the Troop website 

Upcoming Outings

The next Troop outing is to Huntsville Space Museum over the March 19 - 21st weekend. Flyers are out with details and permission slips with checks are due on March 15th. April 3 - 6th is the Backpacking Trek for all (see details below) as well as a possible Troop swim test and fun meet at the Georgia Tech Olympic Pool on Sunday March 28th (tentative) from 2:30 – 6:00 pm. Look for flyers two weeks prior to any event.

April Garage Sale and Car Wash

Mark your calendars!! April 17th is this year’s date for another Troop fund-raising activity where the entire family can help out. The Troop will hold its annual Garage Sale and Car Wash Fundraiser from 8 am to 2 pm at Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church (South Campus).

Items may be donated on Friday, April 16th from 5- 8 pm. (bring to the Chapel). If you need heavier items picked up, please contact Mrs. Dorothea Norris (770-998-7722 or doronorris@

If you would like to help on the 17th with the Garage Sale, volunteers are needed for 
Set-up, Sorting and Pricing (Friday evening), Cashiering, Concession, and Breakdown, again please contact Mrs. Dorothea Norris.

If you would like to help with the Car Wash, which will be held at the same time as the garage sale, in the lower parking area, please contact Mr. Jerry Sevy (770- 642-8259).

So, spread the word…maybe friends and neighbors are doing their spring cleaning and also have items they no longer need and would be willing to donate to the sale. And be sure to let them know that our excellent car-washing scouts are ready to do an outstanding job on their vehicles! 

Philmont Prep

The April Appalachian Trail backpacking trip is the next of many Philmont 2004 training events which all scouts are welcome to attend. 
April 3 -6th (over the Fulton County Spring Break) will bring a 28-mile adventure sure to test everyone’s capabilities. For more details, see the flyer that is available. Permission slips are due by March 29th meeting. 2004 Philmont attendees are expected to be there!

Green Bar Applications Are Out

Junior Leader Training Course (Green Bar) applications are available from the Scoutmaster. The 2004 course is set for May 30 - June 4th. As always, the Scoutmaster’s approval is needed along with the other requirements of First Class rank, being at least 13 years old, and having at least one long term camp. The Troop JLOW session is also necessary for proper qualification. For our Troop, Green Bar is a requirement to be eligible for Patrol Leader elections and to eventually serve on Green Bar staff. 

Rank Advancement

The following Scouts advanced in rank in January and February: 
• Tenderfoot: Zack Brasher, Collin Cook, Gregory Gehrhardt, Alex Johnson, Alex Kraemer, David White 
• Second Class: Zack Brasher, Gregory Gehrhardt, Alex Johnson, David White 
• First Class: Grayson Cotney. Dustin Hunter, Martin Jones , Stevie McHugh, David White 
• Star: Alex Sevy 
• Bronze Palm: Roger Dalton 
• Gold Palm: Brian Lomax 

Congratulations to all! 

Board of Review

The next Board of Review is Monday, April 19. Once you’ve had a Scoutmaster Conference you must notify Mrs. Smith that you are ready for a Board of Review. Please contact her at 770-998-6752 or Reminder: Full Class “A” uniform and Scout handbook are required for participation in a Board of Review. Future Boards of Review are scheduled for May 17 and June 28.

Eagle Scouts May Apply!

Centennial High School seniors are reminded that the deadline for the PTSA Volunteer Scholarship is March 20. Four $500 scholarships will be awarded to CHS seniors who best exemplify the PTSA's commitment to community service. Application forms are available in the school College & Career Center. 

Fundraising Activities

Spring is in the air…and that means it’s time for the Spring Flower Sale once again. Mr. Chad Colopy is in the process of handing out the sales packets. Get yours now for this year’s and next year’s High Adventure account replenishment. For scouts who may not yet be old enough to participate in the High Adventure trips for another year or two, you can start saving up for those future excursions!

Many thanks go to Mr. Colopy for planning, organizing and carrying this out, as it is one of our most successful fund-raisers for individual scout accounts. If you try, you can be extremely successful…in a previous sale, one scout earned over $1,200.00 for his use in High Adventure activities. With this event and the others scheduled throughout the year, no scout can actually miss any of our great opportunities for High Adventure.

Merit Badge Reminder

All scouts must read the entire Merit Badge Book before a merit badge can be completed. Too many scouts are still showing up saying “I know it all from school” or did it at camp! Well, every text is different and the lessons taught in the Merit Badge book are the ones that are actually being checked. So, it is really necessary to read the book and verify that the specified requirements have been completed. 

Also, getting time with the Scoutmaster at regular Troop meetings is difficult with other Troop business occurring at the same time. To get some personal, dedicated attention just requires coordination of another time, showing up at the monthly Merit Badge help time or seeking out another Scoutmaster-approved counselor. On the second Tuesday of every month, the Scoutmaster will be available at the Mt. Pisgah chapel from 6 - 7 PM for those who need extra help with Merit Badge requirements or advancement. The next Help Night is scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th.

May Court of Honor

Our spring Court of Honor is scheduled for May 3, 7:15 PM in place of our regular Troop meeting. Parents and scouts, please mark your calendar and plan to attend. This is a very special recognition evening and we hope all scouts will attend with their families. Adults will be recognized, as well, for their years of service to the troop. 

It is the policy of Troop 629 to award badges or patches as soon as possible after they have been earned so that scouts may sew them on their uniforms, but all scouts who have earned any award since the previous Court of Honor will be recognized again. 

Court of Honor Volunteers Needed

If you would like to assist with refreshments and set up for the May Court of Honor, please contact Mrs. Kathy Smith, 770-998-6752. Thank you!

High Adventure in 2004

The Troop has plans to participate in all three BSA National High Adventure Camps: Sea Base over the spring vacation, Philmont departing June 20th and Northern Tier for late July. See the notices and sign up with your deposit now so you too can be included. Look for details from the Scoutmaster. Openings for Northern Tier and Philmont still exist. Sea Base is full, but you can be put on a standby list. 

Looking ahead to 2005…there is the two- week National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia (July 25 – August 3, 2005), an event that comes once every four years. In addition, the Troop has a Tall Ship Bahamas Cruise set for late June. Look for more details on the bulletin board and indicate your desires to the Scoutmaster.

NESA Advancement Day 2004

Saturday, March 20th is a special Merit Badge Clinic day where a number of the required Merit Badges are being offered. Details and sign-up are available through Mrs. Smith, our Advancement Chairperson, at meetings now. Adults (one for every four participating scouts) will be needed to assist with this activity.

Patrol Food Items

Non-perishable items left over from camping trips that can be reused need to be turned in with the patrol gear at the end of each trip. These items are stored by the Troop in special patrol containers. This will help cut back on some costs for future trips and eliminate some of the ongoing waste. A scout who buys food will get a menu to use, with a budget to follow. It’s important to follow the list and items/quantities specified, as the menu has been planned for patrol guests and other program considerations. Purchase slips are turned into the Troop Treasurer for reimbursement after each trip by the patrol scout grubmaster for that trip.

Order of the Arrow

Order of the Arrow members can attend a district OA gathering on the second Thursday of each month. See your OA rep (Tyler Colopy) for details. Recently, the Troop held this year’s election into the Order and the elected scouts will be announced at the Spring Camporee at the end of April.

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)

Once a month, Dan Tinsley, our current Senior Patrol Leader leads his PLC to formulate the plans for meetings and activities. Changes and/or improvements are discussed at that time and all scouts should make sure that his representative is up-to-date on issues, concerns and program requests. This is another reason to check the Troop bulletin board or website to keep the ever dynamic and fluid scouting calendar up-to-date.

While You’re Surfing the Net…

Lots of event information and pictures are posted on our Troop website ( Current and past newsletters can also be found, as well as forms and trip flyers. Have you checked it out lately? Our Chattahoochee District ( and Atlanta Area Council ( have web sites as well…take a look for information about their upcoming events.

Adult Volunteers

Looking at the Troop calendar, you may wonder what makes so many events, trips, service projects, fundraisers and meetings all come together. Well, it certainly takes a LOT of behind-the-scenes adult support. Even if you cannot commit to a routine, we can still use your valuable assistance whenever possible. Contact Mrs. Linda Dembowski, Committee Chair, for a list of those opportunities which will benefit this evolving, dynamic program.

Parents, please note that on all trip forms, we request that adults clearly state their intentions if providing transportation support. Please indicate the number of passengers that you can accommodate in the vehicle being used.

Editor Needed

You don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer…or even a desktop publishing whiz. All you need is a computer and the interest in compiling the latest info for the Troop’s newsletter. It’s a terrific way to be involved and really get to understand the workings of the group. If you think this could be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you (or even if you’re only curious at this point), please talk to either Mrs. Linda Dembowski or Mrs. Lu Ann DiPietro ( or 770-667-3414) for more details. 

Crossover Ceremonies

Scouts from Troop 629 will be participating in four Webelos Crossover Ceremonies over the next several weeks. Many thanks to Mr. Frank Cook for his coordination efforts as our Webelos Liaison. With the crossovers, the Troop looks forward to growing by as many as 20 new scouts. We extend a warm welcome to all new scouts and their families! 

Adult Training

The Troop requires that all adults be properly trained for the event they are participating in. Whether you plan to attend a weekend outing, or accompany the Troop on a High Adventure trip, now is the time to enroll into the appropriate classes so you can be ready on time. Check out the schedules, ask what is needed by you before you sign up, and then make sure we can get you in on time, as classes are limited. The Troop has a stringent High Adventure policy for leaders and it does take some careful planning to attend the necessary classes before any trip. See the bulletin board and Committee Chair (Mrs. Linda Dembowski) for updates. Some of the more common classes are Youth Protection, Boy Scout Head-Start, New Leader Essentials, SALT, ITOLS, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim, Climb on Safely, Leave No Trace, CPR and Adult First Aid.


The Troop has set up a scholarship fund for all Scouting activities to help any individual who may not otherwise by able to participate in a specific activity. This is available through a service hour trade-off agreement with the Scoutmaster. Let the Committee Chair know you if you have any individual needs. Our goal is to not deny any Scout an opportunity he truly wants to participate in. 

The High Adventure bases and camps also normally have scholarship applications available for those individual events. Just ask the Scoutmaster for the form if help is needed for a particular event.

God and Country

Each scout can earn a specific religious award and medal based on his own individual faith. Work from self-paced booklets with the assistance of a religious counselor. See the bulletin board for more details or ask the Scoutmaster for more information.

Den Chiefs

Are you interested in working with one of the Cub Scout packs as a Den Chief? The Den Chief position does satisfy the advancement leadership requirement, and is open to Scouts with a rank of First Class and above. If this sounds like a job for you, coordinate with the Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster for approval and also plan to attend the proper training. For the next Den Chief Training, coordinate with Mr. Cook – it is currently scheduled for Sunday April 18th from 1 - 6 PM. 

Lending Closet

The Troop maintains a scout uniform exchange or drop off point for all to use. With growth spurts for young scouts, it is hard at times to keep them outfitted for activities. Bring in your used items to add to closet and feel free to pick up one at any meeting.

Service Projects

The Troop frequently has last minute service project opportunities for scouts to participate in. Keep an eye out for them weekly, look on the bulletin board, and pick up the flyers that are usually available at the meetings. 

Kroger Gift Card Fundraiser

This easy and painless way to support the Troop is about to get even easier! In April we start up with a new Kroger gift card which will allow you to have the actual cost deducted on each purchase. This card will replace the set amount gift certificates that we’ve been using. Please see the enclosed flyer from Mrs. Terri Israeli with more details…and feel free to call if you have questions. 


Note: Check the website for additions and changes

Thurs., 3/18 Patrol Leaders Council Meeting

Fri., 3/19 – Huntsville Space Center Trip
Sun., 3/21

Sat., 3/20 NESA Merit Badge Clinic

Mon., 3/22 Troop Meeting

Sun., 3/28 Troop Swim Test and Fun Meet at Georgia Tech Olympic Pool 
2:30 - 6 pm (Tentative)

Mon., 3/29 Troop Meeting

Sat., 4/3 – Appalachian Trail Backpacking
Tues., 4/6

Sat., 4/3 – Sea Base High Adventure Trip 
Sun., 4/11

Mon., 4/5 NO Troop Meeting 

Mon., 4/12 Troop Meeting

Tues., 4/13 Merit Badge Help Night (6 – 7 pm)

Thurs., 4/15 Patrol Leaders Council Meeting

Fri., 4/16 Donate Items for Garage Sale (Chapel, 5 – 8 pm)

Sat., 4/17 Troop Garage Sale and Car Wash (8am – 2pm)

Sun., 4/18 Den Chief Training (1 – 6 pm)Troop JLOW Training (1 – 7 pm)

Mon., 4/19 Troop Meeting Flower Sale Orders Due

Fri., 4/23 Flower Sale Pickup

Mon., 4/26 Troop Meeting

Fri., 4/30 – District Camporee
Sun., 5/2

Sun., 5/2 Troop Committee Meeting (6 pm)

Mon., 5/3 Court of Honor

Mon., 5/10 Troop Meeting (elections)

Tues., 5/11 Merit Badge Help Night (6 – 7 pm)

Wed., 5/12 Patrol Leaders Council Yearly Planning Session

Mon., 5/17 Troop Meeting

Sat., 5/22 – Caving Trip
Sun., 5/23

Mon., 5/24 Troop Meeting

Keep us updated on changes to phone numbers, address and e-mail accounts. Communication channels works best when everyone is getting and giving timely information. 
“View the bulletin board and troop web site for latest details.”