MAY, 2004

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Upcoming Outings

The week of June 20th – 26th brings our annual Summer Camp, and a Six Flags outing is on the calendar for July 28th. Summer camp details have been out for many months and flyers for the Six Flags day event will be out in early July. Of course, we also have many special outings for those who have signed up.

Summer Camp

Final details are being worked out. Please be sure that each scout has his updated physical handed into the Scoutmaster no later than June 6th. Check the tracking sheet with the Scoutmaster.

“ALL scouts need to have their personal information (Class I) portion updated annually.”
A signature and date is needed on those forms so please check to make sure each scout’s physical has had this review. The files are normally at each meeting.

Summer Troop Meetings

Does the Troop have regular Monday meetings throughout the summer? The answer is “YES”…and only “Class B” red troop t-shirts are required. Please note that there will be no meetings scheduled for the summer holiday weekends (Monday, May 31st and Monday, 
July 5th).

Check it Out…

The Troop website,, is up and running in a completely new format. Take a look…it’s awesome. Thanks to Mr. Bob Walker and the new webmaster, Mr. Albert Bodamer, for this great continuous effort.

Our Chattahoochee District ( and Atlanta Area Council ( have web sites as well, where additional information is available concerning upcoming events. 

Patrol Leaders Council

Once a month our Senior Patrol Leader leads his Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) to formulate the plans for meetings and activities. Changes and/or improvements are discussed at that time and all scouts should make sure their patrol representative is up-to-date on issues, concerns and program requests. This is just another reason to check the Troop bulletin board or web site to keep the ever dynamic and fluid scouting calendar up-to-date. Our newest PLC has just completed the annual planning for the scout calendar year 2004 -2005. Look for those exciting details to be posted on the bulletin board and on our website. 

Troop Godsend Award

Assistant Scoutmaster Doug Hudalla has been named our Troop's "Godsend" for 2003 - 04, a recognition that is awarded at the District's annual banquet. The Troop has presented Doug with an engraved plaque. 

Doug and his wife, Kitty, are the parents of three scouts: Billy, Tim and Joey. The Troop extends heartfelt congratulations to Doug and his family.

Troop Adult Training

Mrs. Kathy Smith will be tracking all adult training for the troop. Please forward a copy of the "training certificate/card" received as training credit to Mrs. Kathy Smith, via e-mail, or 9385 Stoney Ridge Lane, Alpharetta 30022. You can also find Kathy at most Troop meetings as well.

Summer Boards of Review

Boards of Review are scheduled for June 28 and July 19. Once you’ve had a Scoutmaster Conference you must notify Mrs. Smith ahead of time that you are ready for a Board of Review. Please contact her at 770-998-6752 or by e-mail.  Reminder: Full Class “A” uniform and Scout handbook are required for participation in a Board of Review.

Missing Patches?

If any scouts did not receive their “Scouting for Food”, JLOW “Trained”, “BSA Snorkeling” or Spring Camporee patch at the May Court of Honor, please see Mrs. Smith at the next Troop meeting. 

Rank Advancement

The following Scouts advanced in rank in March, April and May: 

Scout: Daniel Bodamer, Kevin Dekle, Matthew Hanson, Seth Johnson
Second Class: David Dorfeld, Alex Kraemer, Dale Rocchio
First Class: Alex Johnson, Peter Melampy, Daniel Munoz, James Padget, Neal Ruggles
Life: James Cook, Pete, Knoetgen, David Martinez, David Munoz, Tim Reidy
Bronze Palm: Elliott Holsworth

Congratulations to all! 

Merit Badge Reminder

All scouts must read the entire Merit Badge Book before a merit badge can be completed…and this includes those badges worked on at Summer Camp. Too many scouts are still showing up saying “I know it all from school” or did it at camp! Well, every text is different and the lessons taught in the Merit Badge book are the ones that are actually being checked. So, it is really necessary to read the book and verify that the specified requirements have been completed. 

Also, getting time with the Scoutmaster at regular Troop meetings is difficult with other Troop business occurring at the same time. To get some personal, dedicated attention just requires coordination of another time, showing up at the monthly Merit Badge help time or seeking out another Scoutmaster-approved counselor. Since the summer meetings are not formal meetings, this means there is plenty of time to work on Merit Badges during the regular meeting times. The special Tuesday Merit Badge Help Nights will not be organized again until August. 

Fundraising Activities

Spring and Fall flower sales have added more funding to the scouts’ personal accounts for future High Adventure trips. Thanks again to Mr. Chad Colopy for handling this wonderful program that directly benefits those active and aggressive scouts.

April Car Wash and Garage Sale

Another great weekend event was headed up by Mrs. Dorothea Norris on the Garage Sale and Mr. Jerry Sevy with the Car Wash. Thanks ever so much to them for coordinating, and to all who assisted. Over $1,500 was raised! The Troop treasury is solvent and able to support many scout activities due to these extra events. 

Uniform Policy

There is a designated uniform specified for each Troop activity. Also note that during Troop meetings, the proper wear of the uniform is expected and all great scouts must have their handbook for the uniform to be considered complete. Proper uniform includes having your shirt tucked in! During the summer meetings starting May 24th we go to scout t-shirts only. But please… no open toe shoes, sandals or flip-flops. Scouts must wear closed toe shoes at all events.

Remember - the Troop maintains a Lending Closet for all scouts to exchange or drop off Scout items. Feel free to check the closet at any meeting. Many thanks to Mrs. Kraemer and Mrs. Cook for sorting through the many shirts, etc. in the closet and getting them into ready-to-wear condition. We appreciate this tremendous effort! 

Parent Dinner

All parents look for an e-mail late in the summer with dates for a Parent Dinner to be held in August. More info to come via email!!!

High Adventure Update

Final details are well underway for the Troop to participate in the National BSA High Adventure Camps in 2004. Sea Base over the spring vacation went great with Mr. Lloyd Dalton and Mr. Chris Reidy leading the group. Philmont is departing June 18th and Northern Tier in late July. Look for details from the Scoutmaster. Openings for Northern Tier and Philmont still exist. 

Looking ahead to 2005…there is the two- week National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia (July 25 – August 3, 2005), an event that comes once every four years. In addition, the Troop has a Tall Ship Bahamas Cruise set for late June 2005. Look for more details on the bulletin board and let the Scoutmaster know if you plan to participate.

Adult Volunteers

Much adult support is essential to provide a quality program for our scouts. Even if you cannot commit to a helping on a scheduled basis, we can still use your valuable assistance whenever possible. Contact Mrs. Linda Dembowski, Committee Chair, for a list of those opportunities which will benefit this exciting program.

On all trips we request that adults clearly state their intentions if providing transportation support. Please indicate on the permission slip the number of passengers that you can handle in the vehicle being used. 

Planning for a very special event is in the works: Troop 629 will be hosting the Fall Cycling Camporee the weekend of October 22nd. We will need many adult volunteers to assist the scouts in running this Chattahoochee District event. Please mark your calendars! We will be looking for materials and supplies along with ideas for a special nighttime activity at the campground in Rockmart, GA area.

If you are interested in helping out, please email Linda Dembowski to volunteer.

Religious Award Program

The Religious Award Program involves an individual scout working with a counselor of his own faith. Handouts are available to get you started on earning your medal. Ask for the details at a Troop meeting. Congratulations to Joe Dembowski for being one of only two in the Troop’s history to recently complete his “Ad Altare Dei” award.

“New and Improved” Kroger Gift Card Fundraiser

Mrs. Terri Israeli reports that the new gift cards are working great - everyone loves using them and more families have signed up to participate! The new cards allow you to have the actual cost deducted on each purchase and are much handier than the previous certificates. If anyone would like to increase their amount, or has questions, please e-mail Terri or call 770-643-0885 (home) 770-751-9555 (work).

Adult Training

The Troop requires that all adults be properly trained for the event they are participating in. Whether you plan to attend a weekend outing, or accompany the Troop on a High Adventure trip, now is the time to enroll into the appropriate classes so you can be ready on time. Check out the schedules, ask what is needed by you before you sign up, and then make sure we can get you in on time, as classes are limited. The Troop has a stringent High Adventure policy for leaders and it does take some careful planning to attend the necessary classes before any trip. See the bulletin board and Committee Chair (Mrs. Linda Dembowski) for updates. Some of the more common classes are Youth Protection, Boy Scout Head-Start, New Leader Essentials, SALT, ITOLS, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim, Climb on Safely, Leave No Trace, CPR and Adult First Aid.

The goal for any adult participation on overnight activities is to have submitted registration, completed Youth Protection with Fast Start training and read the Troop adult participation policies.


The Troop has set up a scholarship fund for all Scouting activities to help any individual who may not otherwise by able to participate in a specific activity. This is available through a service hour trade-off agreement with the Scoutmaster. Let the Committee Chair know you if you have any individual needs. Our goal is to not deny any Scout an opportunity he truly wants to participate in. 

The High Adventure bases and camps also normally have scholarship applications available for those individual events. Just ask the Scoutmaster for the form if help is needed for a particular event.

Service Projects

The Troop frequently has last minute service project opportunities for scouts to participate in. Keep an eye out for them weekly, look on the bulletin board, and pick up the flyers that are usually available at the meetings. 

Den Chiefs

Are you interested in working with one of the Cub Scout packs as a Den Chief? The Den Chief position does satisfy the advancement leadership requirement, and is open to Scouts with a rank of First Class and above. If this sounds like a job for you, coordinate with the Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster for approval and also plan to attend the proper training. 

Have a safe and fun summer!


Note: Check the website for additions and changes

Mon., 5/24 Troop Meeting

Sat., 5/30 – Green Bar Junior Leader Training 
Sat., 6/51 

Mon., 5/31 NO Troop Meeting

Mon., 6/7 Troop Meeting

Mon., 6/14 Troop Meeting

Fri., 6/18 - Philmont High Adventure
Sun., 7/4

Sun., 6/20 – Summer Camp at Woodruff 
Sat., 6/26 

Mon., 6/28 Troop Meeting
Board of Review

Mon., 7/5 NO Troop Meeting

Mon., 7/12 Troop Meeting

Mon., 7/19 Troop Meeting
Board of Review

Sat., 7/24 – Northern Tier High Adventure
Sun., 8/1

Mon., 7/26 Troop Meeting

Wed., 7/28 Six Flags Trip

Sun., 8/1 Troop Committee Meeting (Adult Leaders)

Mon., 8/2 Troop Meeting

Mon., 8/9 Troop Meeting

Fri., 8/13 -  Water Sports Outing at Lake Allatoona
Sun., 8/15 

Mon., 8/16 Troop Meeting