August, 2004

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Next Board of Review

The next Board of Review will be Monday, September 20. Once you’ve completed your Scoutmaster Conference you must notify Mrs. Smith that you are ready for a Board of Review. Reminder: Full Class “A” uniform (shirt, belt, shorts/pants, and socks) and Scout handbook are required for participation in a Board of Review. Future BORs are scheduled for October 18, November 15, and December 20.

Court of Honor

Our fall Court of Honor (COH) will be held on Monday, August 30, 7:15 PM in the South Hall (old sanctuary). Parents and all scouts, are invited, and should plan to attend. Reminder flyers will be sent home with all scouts on Monday, August 23. 

The COH is a special ceremony performed by Scouts in honor of fellow Scouts for successful achievement and advancement since the previous COH. This particular COH is very special as Steven Furick will be holding his Eagle Court of Honor as well. If you have never attended an Eagle COH then you are in for a special treat. This is a perfect opportunity for all scouts and parents to take part in and celebrate the culmination of the BSA Scouting experience. 

It is the policy of Troop 629 to award badges or patches as soon as possible after they have been earned so that scouts may sew them on their uniforms, but all scouts who have earned any award since the May Court of Honor will be recognized again. Adults will be recognized, as well, for training, special awards and their years of service to the troop. We encourage all scouts and their families to attend each COH.

Court of Honor Volunteers Needed

Parent volunteers are needed to assist with providing refreshments and help with set up for the Fall Court of Honor on August 30. Please contact Kathy Smith or 770-998-6752. Thank you.


At all troop activities a designated uniform is specified. Also during Troop meetings the proper wear of the uniform is expected and all great scouts are not without their handbook to make a complete uniform. Proper uniform includes your short tucked in and closed toe shoes!

Lending Closet

The Troop maintains a scout uniform exchange or drop off point for all to use. With growth spurts for young scouts it’s hard at times to keep them outfitted for activities. Bring in your used or any pieces you come across and add to closet and feel free to pick up an item at any meeting. Ask for other items that may be store at another of our locations.

Rank Advancement

The following Scouts advanced in rank since May: 

Scout: Blake Cotney, Christopher Brown, Bronson Burell, James Deaton, Derrick Grumwald, Aroon Narayanan, Brandon Padget
Tenderfoot: Jonathan Atz, Daniel Bodamer, Christopher Brown, Blake Cotney, James Deaton, Kevin Dekle, Derrick Grunwald 
Second Class: Collin Cook
Star: Adam Daniel
Life: Tyler Colopy, Adam Norris, Greg Yakrus

Congratulations to all! 

Patrol Leaders Council

Once a month our SPL leads his PLC to formulate the plans for meetings and activities. Changes and or improvements are discussed at that time and all scouts should be making sure their representative is up to date on issues, concerns and program request. Another reason to check the Troop bulletin board or web site to keep the ever dynamic and fluid scouting calendar up to date.

Special: There is a fire safety theme just now planned for September by the last PLC which may mean a visit to the local fire station for one night on Sep 19th. Troop meeting time. Details will be confirmed the week before and of course you can always find the latest on the Troop web site.

Adult Training

Our adults are encouraged to participate in one of the many training opportunities available for scouting. A great way to get started is by completing the online Boy Scout Fast Start or Youth Protection Training located at the Chattahoochee web site via a link from our troop's web site:

Also available through this link are the description and dates of more advanced training, the first of which is New Leader Essentials on Tuesday, Sept.7. Registration is necessary for these classes.

When you have completed any of the BSA training, please notify our Committee Chair, Linda Dembowski.

Merit Badge Reminder

To complete the summer camp merit badges follow the simple rules. Read the book from cover to cover. Bring any completed paperwork to a meeting or merit badge help night and coordinate an approved counselor from the scoutmaster. Sit down with the counselor and explain, show or complete the requirements as detailed. Its not about a memory test – it is about covering and understanding the material.

The second Tuesday of every month the SM will be available at the Mt Pisgah chapel from 6-7 PM for those who need extra help with merit badge requirements or advancement. 

The next one is scheduled for September 14th.

High Adventure Update

High Adventure in 2005 Planning is well underway for the Troop to participate in any of the National BSA high adventure Camps in 2005. Tall ship sailing with Sea Base in the Bahamas over the summer, Philmont with the Council contingent and a National Jamboree in Virginia. an event that comes once every four years. See the notices and sign up with your deposit now so you to can be included. Look for details from the Scoutmaster. 

(Limited Seating Class taught by Gregg Brasher)

Since your son has joined Troop 629, have you ever wondered: 

  1. How does he advance? When you should he advance? What does he advance to, what it this rank thing? 

  2. How does he get signed off, I know that he has completed all these things? 

  3. He went to summer camp and we received a sheet of what he did, now what? 

  4. What is a court of honor? What will they be asking my little darling? 

  5. What is a scout masters conference? 

  6. When can he start working on merit badges? 

  7. What is involved in the merit badge, does he meet with anyone after completing the requirements? What are the requirements? Is there any book that goes along with the badge and do you really have to read it? 

  8. I volunteered to drive to one of the functions, can I get reimbursed? If so, how? 

  9. Are his activities like cub scouts in that I can sign off on things? What is this patrol thing? 
    I would like to go on the camp outs, can I? 

Does he have to wear those green scout pants? Other troops wear scarves, do we? 

These are some of the many topics that Assistant Scoutmaster Gregg Brasher will be discussing on Monday, September 13th at 7:15pm. The purpose of the meeting is to make 
everyone more familiar with the troop and how we do things. If the parent feels connected with the program, we think that the son has a greater likelihood of staying with the troop. 

We will be meeting in the Mount Pisgah chapel basement, the same place where we had the meeting for summer camp. If you do not know where this is, just come in where the boys meet and we will show you. 

One important point, if you have a specific question that you want addressed, please email the question(s) to Gregg at c.brasher @ If you prefer to call, his number is (770) 998-9143.

Den Chief Training

This is District Training which will be held on Sunday, September, 26th, 2004. This is necessary training for all Scouts who are interested in becoming a Den Chief in the future.
Den Chief qualifies as a leadership position in the Troop and fulfills the necessary requirement for Rank Advancement when needed.

District and Council Recommendations for Training:

Boy Scout 1 Year
First Class Rank
Recommended by Scoutmaster
Enjoy working with Cub Scouts

Time: 1:00PM-6:00P.M. 
Location: St. David’s Episcopal Church

For all interested Scouts, please e-mail:

Chattahoochee Training Chair: David Rundell
Scoutmaster: Fran Gillis
Asst. Scoutmaster: Frank Cook

Scouts will need to bring $3.00 for snacks
Den Chief Handbook-Provided by the Troop
A game to share
Wear your Class A Uniform

Additionally, any Scout interested in serving as a Den Chief this Fall and Spring, please contact Mr. Frank Cook or Mr. Gillis 770-992-1950

Fundraising Activities

Fall flower sales are coming up again and Mr. Colopy is in the process of handing out the packets. Get yours now for replenishing your high adventure account. Thanks again to Mr. Colopy for planning, organizing and carrying this out as it is one of our most successful fund raisers for individual scout accounts. Flower sales are one of our biggest income producers for each scout. If you try you can be really successful with one past scout earning over $1,200.00 for his use in high adventure activities. With this event and Popcorn selling which has already been started through the great assistance again this year of Mr. Munoz and his team and the other event throughout the year no scout can actually miss any of our great opportunities for high adventure.

“New and Improved” Kroger Gift Card Fundraiser

Mrs. Terri Israeli reports that the new gift cards are working great - everyone loves using them and more families have signed up to participate! The new cards allow you to have the actual cost deducted on each purchase and are much handier than the previous certificates. If anyone would like to increase their amount, or has questions, please contact Terri at 770-643-0885 (home) 770-751-9555 (work).

Adult Volunteers

Much adult support is essential to provide a quality program for our scouts. Even if you cannot commit to a helping on a scheduled basis, we can still use your valuable assistance whenever possible. Contact Mrs. Linda Dembowski, Committee Chair, for a list of those opportunities which will benefit this exciting program.

On all trips we request that adults clearly state their intentions if providing transportation support. Please indicate on the permission slip the number of passengers that you can handle in the vehicle being used. 

Planning for a very special event is in the works: Troop 629 will be hosting the Fall Cycling Camporee the weekend of October 22nd. We will need many adult volunteers to assist the scouts in running this Chattahoochee District event. Please mark your calendars! We will be looking for 
materials and supplies along with ideas for a special nighttime activity at the campground in Rockmart, GA area.
If you are interested in helping out, please email Linda Dembowski to volunteer.

Religious Award Program

Each scout can earn a specific religious award and medal based around their own individual faith. These are self-paced booklets and work is done over the year with a religious counselor. The annual “Duty to God” campout at Bert Adams to help work on your award is set for Oct 8-10th. For details or to get started contact your Scoutmaster.


The Troop has set up a scholarship fund for all Scouting activities to help any individual who may not otherwise by able to participate in a specific activity. This is available through a service hour trade-off agreement with the Scoutmaster. Let the Committee Chair know you if you have any individual needs. Our goal is to not deny any Scout an opportunity he truly wants to participate in. 

The High Adventure bases and camps also normally have scholarship applications available for those individual events.

Just ask the Scoutmaster for the form if help is needed for a particular event.

Service Projects

The Troop frequently has last minute service project opportunities for scouts to participate in. Keep an eye out for them weekly, look on the bulletin board and pick up the flyers that are usually at the meeting. Helping at stations along this Labor weekend 10k classic and Sep 26 Newtown Park festival are currently on the list of things to do.

Patrol food items

Non Perishable (left over) from camping trips that can be reused need to be turned in with the patrol gear at the end of each trip and are stored by the troop in special patrol containers. This will help cut back on some cost for future trips and eliminate some waste now ongoing. A scout buying food will get a menu to use with a budget to follow. It’s important to follow the list and items/quantities specified as the menu has been planned for patrol guest and other program considerations. Purchase slips are turned into the Troop Treasurer for reimbursement after each trip by the patrol scout grubmaster for that trip.

Order of the Arrow

Every month on the second Thursday there is a district OA gathering OA members can attend. See your OA rep for details.

Six Flag Fright Fest outing

The Troop will be looking into attending six flags for one of its Fright fest times in October. A flyer with details will be out to explain the details “if” it gets arranged.

Halloween Meeting

Normally the meeting before Halloween we have an outdoor event at Newton Park. Expect it to be there again on October 25th meeting.


In October (16-17) it is normally Jamboree on the Air/Internet time where scouts from around the world focus on exchanging information. Look for details of this event if we can line up a “ham radio” operator to earn a participation patch. Do you know ham radio operators who could help us out on this event?

Keep us updated on changes to phone numbers, address and e-mail accounts. Communication channels works best when everyone is getting and giving timely information. 

“View the bulletin board and troop web site for latest details.”

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