Scoutmaster's Minute

by Scoutmaster Fran Gillis

Congratulations to our newest Eagle scout Adam Greim. Another fine effort with long lasting “pay back” in many areas for this young adult, the Troop’s 30th Eagle Scout.

And special thanks to all those scouts and adults who helped pull off the camporee.  Many of our scout participants found it an enjoyable and challenging weekend. Extra thanks to Mrs. Wendy Kraemer and her cohort Mrs. Susan Cook for corralling all the support teams into a great event.

The next outing, a backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail while also challenging is not beyond any scouts capabilities.  Its all about attitude and a can do approach which along the wilderness trail brings an inner peace and calmness to a hectic life cycle.

On a hike or in camp we reveal our true selves most.  Did you ever know a Scout who thought people were always picking on him? I recall a boy who pitched his tent carelessly and it blew down on him in the middle of the night.  He tried hard to blame it on someone else, but finally had to admit to himself, "Well, I guess it was my own fault." Another time he burned a steak. "It was the fire's fault," he insisted, until the other scouts laughed at him and showed him how the same bed of coals could help turn out a well-cooked steak. Things usually happen to us because we set the stage for them.  Actually, people are too busy to spend their time picking on us. When something goes wrong, the first place to look for the cause is within us.