April, 2005

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Hot Topics in this Edition

  • April 18: Orientation Meeting at 7:15

  • April 18: DUE DATE for Flower Orders

  • April 18: Board of Review

  • April 21: Patrol Leaders Council

  • April 22: Flower pickup

  • April 24: Eagle Court of Honor for Michael Benjamin

  • April 25: Money Due for Camporee

  • April 28: Life to Eagle Advancement Forum

  • April 29: Chattahoochee District Camporee

  • May 2: Combined Troop Spring Court of Honor and Eagle Court of Honor for
    Doug Mitchell

  • May 6: Cancer Walk

  • May 9: Summer Camp Orientation 7:15

  • May 22: Eagle Court of Honor for Adam Greim and Evan Halladay

Troop Outings - Overnight adventures!


Next Troop overnight outing is planned for participating in the District Camporee April 29-May 1st at Woodruff scout reservation. Flyers are out and sign up is due by Apr 25th. The cancer walk service project is set for May 6th at Centennial High and expect a day activity in May yet to be finalized. Additionally, we are going to try and squeeze in a swim test meeting prior to summer camp and sea base to get all those scouts ready for those water events

We have 2 crews going to Sea Base in April of 2006 during Fulton County Schools Spring Break. Those who have signed on for a week of sailing, sun and fun, please make sure you $100.00 deposit is in ASAP. In addition to John DiPietro, Mike McGoff, and Lewis Wilkinson, We will need one more adult who is fully trained up through ITOLS and including Safe Swim, Safe Boating, and First Aid/CPR to help man the second crew. Please contact Mr. DiPietro or Mr. Gillis if you are interested in this adventure in the Florida Keys! Thanks John DiPietro or

Summer Camp 2005
Reservations are wrapping up and everyone should be signed up by now for the Jun 5-11 stay at Camp Rainey Mountain. Look for the roster sheet at each meeting to check your status and the classes registered for. Some scouts are now on the waiting list for a couple of activities and until we get to Camp we will not know how flexible insertions may be. All participants have to have their Class I portion of the physicals at least resigned from last year if not also getting a new Class II if older than 3 years.

High Adventure in 2005
Planning is well underway for the Troop to participate in any of the National BSA high adventure Camps in 2005. Tall ship sailing with Sea Base in the Bahamas over the summer, Philmont with the Council contingent and a National Jamboree in Virginia. See the notices and sign up with your deposit now so you to can be included. Look for details from the Scoutmaster.

Short on Cash, but love to travel?
For all scouting activities the Troop has set up a scholarship fund to help any individual who may just not capable to participate at any particular time or event through a service hour trade off agreement with the SM. Let the Committee Chair know you if you have any individual needs. Our goal is not to deny any scout an opportunity they truly want to participate in. The high adventure bases and camps also normally run scholarship applications for those various events, just ask us for the forms if help is needed for a particular event.



Semi-annual Flower Sale Wrap-up
During the last meeting in February Kathleen Narayanan announced the wrap up of the semi-annual flower sale fund raiser. The sale lasts until April 18th, at that time all orders and money will be due. The flowers are scheduled to be delivered Friday April 22nd with pickup at Mount Pisgah.
If you have any questions or are in need of additional order forms please contact Mrs. Narayanan at 770-740-8496 or

New Scout Parent Meeting
If your son has recently crossed over to Troop 629 please plan on attending the orientation meeting that we will be having on Monday, April 18th.  The purpose of the meeting is to provide you with information on the troop, how the SM. Let the we do things, how a scout advances, who monitors his advancement, how he earns merit badges, board of review, court of honor, uniform requirements, etc...
The meeting will be held at the basement of the Chapel (same building that your son attends the troop meetings, come in the front door and we will show you where to go) at 7:15 on Monday, April 18. 
Parent Meeting Summer Camp Orientation
We will be having a parent meeting on Monday, May 9th in the basement of the Chapel to provide information to the parents regarding summer camp.  If your son is a new scout, you should plan to attend this meeting as we will be discussing the details of what to bring, what not to bring and things that you are not allowed to bring.  We will tell you how to pack it, what best to put it in, and insight on what your son will be doing at summer camp.
The meeting will be held at the basement of the Chapel (same building that your son attends the troop meetings, come in the front door and we will show you where to go) at 7:15 on Monday, May 9. 

Attention Life Scouts and Parents 
Life Scouts are invited to attend Chattahoochee District’s Life to Eagle Advancement Forum workshops typically held on the fourth Thursday of every month at Zion Missionary Baptist Church Annex, 181 Norcross Street, Roswell, GA, (770) 993-8587. This workshop is highly recommended for all scouts starting to plan their Eagle Projects and their parent(s). Upcoming forums are scheduled for April 28. There is no fee and no sign up. Scout uniform is required.

You may download the following “Life-to-Eagle” forms from the Atlanta Area Council website at

  • Life to Eagle Packet

  • Leadership Service Project Workbook

  • Workbook Guidelines

  • Eagle Scout Rank Application

Rank Advancement

Eagle Scouts
Upcoming Eagle Scout Courts of Honor
The Troop is proud to honor scouts who have recently attained the rank of Eagle.  Please join us for their ceremonies:

Eagle Court of Honor for Michael Benjamin
        Date:  Sunday, April 24
        Time:  3:00 pm
        Location:  Spring Ridge Subdivision Clubhouse
        Directions:  From Mt. Pisgah, travel south on Old Alabama Rd. to Spring Ridge (past the Old Alabama Connector).  Turn left into Spring Ridge subdivison.  Ridge Way is the 4th left, clubhouse will be on the right. 

Eagle Court of Honor for Doug Mitchell
        Date:  Monday, May 2
        Time:  7:15 pm - Eagle Ceremony will be part of the Troop Spring Court of Honor
        Location:  Mt. Pisgah South Hall

Eagle Court of Honor for Adam Greim and Evan Halladay
        Date:  Sunday, May 22
        Time:  4:00 pm
        Location:  Autrey Mill Nature Preserve
        Directions:  From Mt. Pisgah, travel north on Old Alabama Rd., pass the new Middle School.  Turn left onto Autrey Mill Rd., proceed 1/2 mile to parking lot on left.
Merit Badge Reminder from Scout Master Gillis

Green Bar-National Youth Leadership Training
Participant applications are now available on the Atlanta Area Council BSA web site under the training tab. Scout Master recommendations are due along with your request. Scouts must be 13 and First Class by application time, graduate of Junior Leaders Orientation Workshop (JLOW) and have at least two week long camping experiences.

Order of the Arrow
Every month on the second Thursday there is a district OA gathering OA members can attend. See your OA rep for details.:

Religious Award Program
Each scout can earn a specific religious award and medal based around their own individual faith. These are self-paced booklets and work is done over the year with a religious counselor.

Merit Badge Reminder from Scout Master Gillis
Scouts are still coming forward to work on a merit badge WITHOUT reading the whole MB book from cover to cover. This is not a negotiable and it doesn’t matter where the MB was started or with who. To complete the summer camp merit badges or any other follow the simple rules. Read the book from cover to cover. Bring any completed paperwork to a meeting or merit badge help night and coordinate an approved counselor from the scoutmaster. Sit down with the counselor and explain, show or complete the requirements as detailed. Its not about a memory test – it is about comprehension and covering the material as stated.

The second Tuesday of every month the SM will be available at the Mount Pisgah Rm A017 from 6-7 PM for those who need extra help with merit badge requirements or advancement.


Scout Merit Badge Opportunities

Check Out Merit Badge University
The Merit Badge Calendar offers many merit badge opportunities. Scouts follow the links to download Registration Forms and Merit Badge fliers. The Merit Badge Calendar is updated as new merit badge opportunities become available. Check out Merit Badge University at:

The Troop frequently has last minute service project opportunities for scouts to participate in. Keep an eye out for them weekly, look on the bulletin board and pick up the flyers that are usually at the meeting.

Upcoming Troop Board of Reviews:

May 16, 2005
After a scout completes his Scoutmaster conference, he must notify Mrs. Smith, Troop Advancement Chairperson, that he is ready for the next BOR. Reminder: Full Class “A” uniform and Scout handbook are required for participation in a Board of Review.

All adults are required by this troop to be properly trained for the event they are participating in. From being properly prepared just for a weekend outing to getting all the specialized training for high adventure now is the time to get yourself into those classes so you can help be ready on time.

Our adults are encouraged to participate in one of the many training opportunities available for scouting. A great way to get started is by completing the online Boy Scout Fast Start or Youth Protection Training located at the Chattahoochee web site via a link from our troop's web site:

To participate as an adult leader in the troop on overnight camping, you must complete Youth Protection Training, Fast Start and review the Troop 629 Adult Guide.

Assistant Scoutmasters and Committee Members must complete the above training and New Leaders Essentials, SALT, ITOLS and/or Committee Training.  Information on these training opportunities are available on the Chattahoochee District web site.

To participate in High Adventure, leaders must complete all the above along with special classes such as CPR, FA, safety afloat, and safe swim.

* NOTE: For Youth Protection and Fast Start, print from web site your completion form page and pass to the unit's training chairperson. When you have completed any of the BSA training, please notify our Committee Chair, Linda Dembowski.

Adult volunteers
A lot of behind the scene necessary support in running an active Troop comes from many adults giving special efforts in their own way. If you are one of the adults that just isn’t able to lock in a routine support directly with the program other support needs are there waiting. Contact our committee chair for a list of those opportunities to help the evolving dynamic program.
On all trips we request adults clearly state their intentions if providing transportation support with the number of passengers that you can handle in the vehicle being used.

There are currently several KEY positions which are in need of new volunteers!!! If you are interested in helping out, please contact Linda Dembowski at or call her at 770-552-1472 to volunteer.

Chance of a life time…. Be a Court of Honor Coordinator!
The Troop needs a parent volunteer to take responsibility for coordinating future Troop Courts Of Honor. This job requires very little time, 3 times each year (Troop COHs are typically held in February, May and August or September.) Court of Honor Coordinator would be responsible for creating a committee and/or soliciting volunteers to help with refreshment table setup/cleanup, providing paper goods and refreshments, and serving refreshments at each Court of Honor. Please contact Kathy Smith, Advancement Chair, at 770-998-6752 or

Patrol Leaders Council 
Once a month our SPL leads his PLC to formulate the plans for meetings and activities. Changes and or improvements are discussed at that time and all scouts should be making sure their representative is up to date on issues, concerns and program request. Next PLC is set for April 21st. Another reason to check the Troop bulletin board or web site to keep the ever dynamic and fluid scouting calendar up to date. Of special note: May will be elections time again for SPL and PL on the 9th and then the May 19th PLC will be our annual calendar preparation meeting. Important time for all our scouts to get the input in to help develop what they want next years scouting calendar to look like for us.

KROGER Debit Cards are going FAST!
Kroger Debit Cards continue as a fabulous Troop fund raising activity. It’s painless and easy for families to help support the Troop by just participating in a no cost to you program and it is in conjunction with your normal routine of buying groceries for the family. Why not participate? The new Kroger debit card which will allows you to have actual cost deducted on each purchase rather than the set amount on the gift certificates have been a great convenience. Please contact Susan Cook at 678-297-7766 for these great funding raising cards!

At all troop activities a designated uniform is specified. Also during Troop meetings the proper wear of the uniform shirt during the school year is expected and all great scouts are not without their handbook to make a complete uniform. Proper uniform includes your short tucked in and closed toe shoes! Please dress for the weather as some activities are outside.

REMINDER: It is the BSA insurance policy that no open toe shoes to be worn on any activity. This includes meetings, camping and water activities. The only exception is flip flops for showers but sandals are a no go for any activity we do including weekly meetings. Scouts will not be allowed to participate if they show up with open toe shows. Once school is out we will conduct meetings with our Troop Red Field T-shirt as the primary uniform throughout the summer.

Lending Closet
The Troop maintains a scout uniform exchange or drop off point for all to use. With growth spurts for young scouts it’s hard at times to keep them outfitted for activities. Bring in your used or any pieces you come across and add to closet and feel free to pick up an item at any meeting. Ask for other items that may be store at another of our locations.

Patrol food items
Non Perishable (left over) from camping trips that can be reused need to be turned in with the patrol gear at the end of each trip and are stored by the troop in special patrol containers. This will help cut back on some cost for future trips and eliminate some waste now ongoing. A scout buying food will get a menu to use with a budget to follow. It’s important to follow the list and items/quantities specified as the menu has been planned for patrol guest and other program considerations. Purchase slips are turned into the Troop Treasurer for reimbursement after each trip by the patrol scout grubmaster for that trip.

The Troop has its annual calendar published and it’s available for all on the web site

Our Chattahoochee District ( and Atlanta Area Council ( have web sites as well where additional information is also available concerning upcoming events.

Please note that Troop meeting start time at 7:15 and closing at 8:45 PM on Mondays. Please show up on time so we can start the program on time.

Keep an eye out for new opportunities that crop up for special events and classes being offered. Details can be found on the bulletin board for emergency disaster exercises looking for scouts to participate in, special merit badge sessions for railroad MB and nature events. Those kind of events are open to all scouts but generally are not organized for attendance as a Troop activity. Normally an individual parent takes on the lead to help arrange rides and details.

Keep us updated on changes to phone numbers, address and e-mail accounts. Communication channels works best when everyone is getting and giving timely information.

View the bulletin board and troop web site for latest details.

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