Leadership Positions and Responsibilities

Leadership is signed-off in 2 month increments. The above sheet should be completed by the Scout and given to the Scoutmaster to sign no later than 2-months after a 2-month term ends.  The scout should then turn the sheet into the Advancement Chair to receive credit.

In order to obtain credit for a Leadership position, the scout must:

  1. Meet the Troop participation requirements which is to attend 75% of Troop Meetings and 50% of activities/outings (1 of the 2+) in the 2-month period, and
  2. Attend 50% of PLCs in the 2-month period.

There is no way to obtain Leadership position credit if you are not active in the Troop!

This is discussed at every monthly PLC. For any questions, see the Scoutmaster.