The About Us / Welcome Troop 629 section of our website contains a lot of information in how Troop 629 operates and what the expectations are. Below are all of the sections for ease of navigation, scroll down to read the current section.

Rules of Conduct

Scouting is a voluntary activity and adult leaders should strive to make Scouting fun for all participants. However, to maintain organization, order and safety, and to create an environment that is physically and emotional secure, rule of conduct must be followed. During any Scout function (troop meetings, camp outs, court of honor, merit badge clinics, etc…) the following rules of conduct are expected of all Scouts:

1. Respect the leadership and others
The scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, SPL and Patrol Leaders are the authorities of the troop and each Scout shall show respect and follow their directions. Scouts shall always respect the rights and property of others.

2. Participation in scheduled activities
When attending any scout function, each Scout is expected to participate in the complete agenda unless excused by the activity leaders, SPL, or Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster involved in the activity.

3. Maintain a safe environment
Each Scout shall always consider the safety of himself and others at Scout functions. A Scout shall not create conditions that could cause harm or personal injury to him or others.

4. Obey laws and generally accepted behavior
Scouts are expected to follow federal, state, and local laws, as well as generally accepted ethical behavior, e.g., no stealing, littering, smoking, illegal drugs, foul language, etc.

5. No physical and verbal abuse
Physical or verbal abuse (physical aggression, fighting, intimidation, harassment, put downs or hazing) will not be tolerated at Scout functions.